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Meet Funderdog

Accept donations via Facebook Messenger,
Facebook hashtags and on your webite

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Smart, viral, instant
conversational giving

Meet Funderdog, the first AI Fundraising assistant of its kind helping your nonprofit organization leverage smart, viral and conversational giving!

conversational fundraising through facebook messenger, AI giving assistant, facebook messenger fundraising assistant, chatbot

Donors can #give in a heart beat on Facebook 😎

When your fans comment #give $250 (or any amount) on your Facebook posts, your new AI Giving Assitant will automatically chat with your fan to assist in completing the donation.

Your donor's peers will automatically see the interaction between your page and your donor's profile. Social, viral and conversational fundraising are now a thing!

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see what smart-giving looks like!

Accept donations
in Facebook Messenger

Facebook users can now make a donation to your nonprofit directly via Facebook Messenger or when the fundraising chatbot is coupled with #give instant replies. Your AI fundraising chatbot will respond automatically to certain trigger words.

Funderdog has been designed to feel as close as possible to that of donating on a website, while offering a brand new giving experience: conversational giving!

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900M Messenger users

Fast deposits, no waiting

Own your data & track

Thank you notifications

Impulse viral giving

Just the necessary fields

Prefilled donor data

Fast-save for repeat gifts

Add follow up triggers

Designed for nonprofit organizations, foundations, schools and influencers

Facebook users can now #give to your nonprofit via Messenger and Facebook comments. Your fundraising assistant will raise funds for you through instant replies and Facebook Messenger in fewer steps than your current donation form... guaranteed.

Facebook Messenger Funderdog Start Conversation

Accept donations on your website

Your website is up and you want to integrate a donation software directly onto it? Funderdog Donation Software is the way to go!

Copy and paste our simple code snippet to install the secure donation software anywhere on your website and start processing donations. Our donation widget integrates with all the CMSs out there such as WordPress, Wix, Weebly, Squarespace…

The funderdog donation software helps you minimize clicks to maximize giving potential. Donors are 5x more likely to give when they are not redirected to a third-party donation site or page! donate facebook messenger, messenger marketing for nonprofits, donate nonprofit facebook messenger, fundraise via facebook messenger, facebook messenger donations, messenger donation software, messenger bot for charity, messenger bot for nonprofits, nonproift chatbot, donation chatbot

Recurring donations

Empower your donors and build a steady and continuous source of revenue for your programs.

Embed anywhere

Install our donation software anywhere on your website and start processing donations.

Personalized thank you

We partner with Sendgrid and other email providers to offer customizable emails.

Use a Facebook Messenger donation flow to accelerate your growth while increasing your retention & activation rates.

The Funderdog donation software and Messenger Fundraising App remove friction and provide innovative ways to support your cause.

Accept donations in minutes and raise more donations online and on social media with Funderdog. Funderdog is the first company to power Fundraising Messenger chatbots!

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Secure Donation Software

We work to keep your information secure by partnering with industry leaders: Stripe, PayPal, Facebook, Apple Pay. All your data is encrypted with a 256-bit encryption level and the data exchanged with Funderdog is encrypted with 128-bit SSL.

Tokenized card numbers

We don't store sensitive payment method details, such as card or bank account numbers. Sensitive information is always encrypted, tokenized, and safely stored with the Stripe payment processor.

Fast deposits, clear pricing

Get direct deposits in your bank account in a few business days.One simple rate for any donation, every time.

65% CTRs
900 Million users

Talk with your donors on a platform where they’re ready to talk and #give back.